For three years, the parish of St. Saviour’s Mission, Wabuman has celebrated the feast day of St. Benedict, which falls on July 11, by hosting a Benedict’s Breakfast. On Sunday, July 9, the parish welcomed 20 guests to this special service, which begins with a delicious breakfast of Eggs Benedict! St. Saviour’s Rector’s Warden Sue Burgess and her husband Jack brought a simplified version of the famous recipe back to their parish from their winter community in Arizona.

Parish rector the Rev. Coleen Lynch says Benedict’s Breakfast is a wonderful time of fellowship. Each year, the breakfast is attended by members of St. Aidan and St. Hilda parish, who worship in the little country church in nearby Rexboro. Coleen shared some “Helpful Thoughts,” inspired by St. Benedict:

  1. Delight in God with work and prayer.
  2. Listen.
  3. Welcome people as you would Christ.
  4. Don’t run away.
  5. Don’t complain.
  6. Don’t avoid someone who needs to receive God’s love through you.
  7. Serve one another.
  8. Put your hope in God alone.

Benedict of Nursia was an abbot in sixth-century Italy and the author of an influential Rule for communities of monks and nuns, which became the foundation for the Order of St. Benedict. He would likely be very thankful to God for the hospitality demonstrated by St. Saviour’s parishioners, some of whom who rose at the break of dawn to begin a full morning of cooking, serving and cleaning up – what St. Benedict might call “a work of love in Jesus Christ.”